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End-to-End Book Production

PubHub replaces outdated, error-prone, and recursive processes with a streamlined ForcedMarch Workflow™ that cuts production time by up to 50% and reduces cost by up to 30%

PubHub promises publishers quantum jumps in efficiency, lower production times, and greater cost savings. Furthermore, it enhances quality and transparency – resulting in full accountability for each member involved in the production process.

  • Up to 30% reduction in production costs
  • 50% reduction in production time
  • API Integration with internal systems
  • Publisher dashboard for transparency
  • Assured metadata accuracy, API Integration
  • Absolute version control. PubHub always delivers the correct file for processing at each step.

Reimagined Book Production

Collaborative WorkSpace – Authors, Publishers, Copyeditors, and Indexers all work within PubHub’s user-friendly platform for an improved experience and faster, better outcomes

Version Control – Manuscript files are delivered to the user by the PubHub system, ensuring bullet-proof version control

Security – Manuscript files are stored in encrypted form on PubHub’s private cloud throughout the production process

ForcedMarch Workflow – The manuscript is served up for the next task only after the previous task has been certified for quality

HiTech – Utilizes Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI/ML to comprehensively and accurately provide automation to the entire production process

Transparency – Real-time, exception-reporting dashboard to identify production problems as soon as they arise and provide immediate solutions

The Publisher Experience

“PubHub was built by practitioners guiding the design and development. It is unlike software built by technologists alone. As a result, there is tremendous richness in the design and implementation of the product. PubHub has been designed under Apex’s long-standing process engineering philosophy – to optimally balance the processing power of the computer with the cognitive power of the human mind.”

By Nigel Eyre,
Former Global Production Director for Taylor & Francis Books

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